Where to Install Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are intended to alert inhabitants in case there is a fire. It has been established that more people die of asphyxiation in fires than they die of burns. Cases of asphyxiation are even more likely to occur at night when people are asleep in the house. When people are asleep, even when it is a small fire they may end up suffering major consequences or even dying.

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A smoke detector, may therefore mean the difference between life and death. This calls not only for the installation of smoke detectors but also for having them positioned appropriately for maximum sensitivity. The following are places where smoke detectors should be installed: –

i. In every bedroom

Every bedroom should have a smoke detector installed. This is especially the case if people who sleep in the bedrooms close their doors as they sleep. When doors are closed, even small amounts of smoke can accumulate to dangerous levels. it is therefore important for smoke signals to be there to alert those who sleep in the rooms in case there is fire in the house.

ii. On every level of the home

If the house has many levels, there should be smoke detectors in all of them. Some people make the mistake of installing the detectors only at the levels where they think the fire may break out. This leaves the possibility of smoke going into other rooms without being detected. Installation applies to all levels including the basement and the attic.

iii. Hallways near bedrooms

Before smoke gets into the bedroom, it has to make its way through the corridor. This should be the first point where alarm may be raised. When the detectors get to this place, those who sleep in the bedrooms are alerted on time before the smoke gets into the bedrooms. Such installations help prevent a situation where by smoke accumulates slowly in the bedrooms. Such an accumulation may cause inhabitants to lose consciousness before the smoke detectors in their bedrooms alert them.

iv. On top of the stairways

Smoke usually gets to the top levels of a house through the stair ways. To ensure that it is caught on time, it is important to have smoke detectors at the top of each stairway. This ensures that the situation is dealt with before the smoke goes further upstairs.


It is important that installation of smoke detectors to be installed according to the laws of the jurisdictions in which they are located. The laws are usually made in conjunction with experts. Experts help the government in deciding which detectors are most suited for the area.

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